Getting a New Air Conditioner This Summer? The Professionals Can Help!

Summer is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about keeping your interior cool and comfortable! If you’re looking to get a new air conditioning system installed, here’s why you should avoid a DIY disaster and get the help of a professional expert.

Understanding Air Conditioners

In order for your air conditioning system to work, it needs to cool air and circulate it throughout your home as efficiently as possible. The evaporator coil (located inside your home) and the compressor and condenser units (located outside your home) are the three key components of this system. They all work together in a cyclical process involving changes between liquid and solid states in specialized refrigerant chemical compounds, ultimately cooling air and distributing it via ducts while expelling warm air to be cooled once again. Many complex and sensitive components are at work at any given time and are best understood by those who have worked with them for many years.

Words of Caution

The cooling of warm air by the evaporator coil is a chemical process that involves lots of heat and pressure. Maintenance of the evaporator coil or the condenser by anyone other than a certified and experienced technician is never recommended. From electrical shock to refrigerant fluid burns and even damage to the appliances themselves, a wide range of things than go wrong unless you have a detailed knowledge of these systems. It’s also not uncommon for injuries to occur simply in the carrying and placement of the appliances!

What You Get With an Expert

Even setting the concerns of safety aside, installing an air conditioning system can lead to many logistically and financially unfortunate circumstances. For instance, if you trust in a professional to perform the installation, your system will be protected by thorough and supportive guarantees that will save you money in case of corrective maintenance. If you install it yourself, there may be a warranty on the appliances themselves, but you won’t be financially protected against any mistakes you’ve made in the process of installation. The bottom line is that hiring a professional is a better deal and a safer bet in the end!

There’s nothing quite like being able to enjoy both the warmth of summer and the cool comfort of an air-conditioned home interior. Give Climate Change YYC a call today at (403) 819-2156 and we’ll help make it happen for you!

Is Duct Cleaning Worth It?

When it comes to parts of your home that you don’t often see or think about, the old saying is often true: out of sight, out of mind. Your air ducts may not frequently be on your mind, but it’s important to consider their condition. Let’s find out if having a professional duct cleaning can address these problems in a way that is worth your while.

Ducts and Air Quality

Ducts are one aspect of your interior climate system that have a particularly strong impact on the quality of air in your home. They distribute cooled or heated air through each and every room, so if they aren’t kept as clean as possible, you can run into a number of problems over time. Perhaps the most important concern is the health of you and your family. This is especially critical if pollen allergies or respiratory difficulties are an issue. Without thorough and regular maintenance of your ducts by professional technicians, the air you breathe won’t be at its cleanest!

The Efficiency of Your Appliances

The installation, maintenance, time, and electricity that go into powering your system won’t be worth it unless the system does an effective job of creating a comfortable climate. It can only do this when all aspects of it are clean and performing at their utmost efficiency. We’ve written before about how important this is for your filters, and the same is true of your ducts. That great air conditioning setup isn’t exactly worth it if it’s only filling your domestic space with unclean air! Clean ducts means a happy, efficient system altogether.

Other Factors to Consider

Has your interior been renovated recently? Have you had your hardwood floors resurfaced? The cleanliness of your ducts is very easily affected by any kind of work that introduces dust, debris or other bothersome materials into the air. It may be a good idea to follow up this kind of work with a professional inspection and cleaning. With industry standard tools and precise know-how in all of the most effective cleaning techniques, a professional duct cleaning will keep both your HVAC system and your interior as healthy as ever. Sounds like it’s worth it!

Need to address the dirt, debris, and mold growth that have accumulated in your air ducts? The expert technicians at Climate Change YYC can conduct a thorough cleaning of your system to ensure that your air quality stays as high as possible. Give us a call at (403) 819-2156 today!

Routine HVAC Maintenance

duct cleaning services

Optimizing your home climate means keeping an eye on your HVAC system and ensuring that everything is in good working order. This is for the sake of clean air, a comfortable living environment, and the longevity of your appliances. Here are some key points of maintenance that you should always bear in mind.


First things first: everything should be kept clean! This goes for all your filters, your evaporator and condenser coils, your blower motor, and other components. All outdoor equipment should be unobstructed by hanging or falling plant material and the space surrounding it needs to be as open as possible. If you find any damage, be sure not to attempt any repairs! This is a job for a qualified professional. Meanwhile, have you checked your refrigerant level? It should match up with the recommendations of your technician or manufacturer. And don’t forget, the better you insulate your home, the more efficiently your system will work to keep it comfortable.


The aspects of your system responsible for heating will require many of the same maintenance considerations as those responsible for cooling, such as proper insulation, checking filters, and keeping everything free of plant debris. However, some points apply more specifically here than with your cooling system. Check gas and other connections to make sure they’re secure, as well as your heat exchanger for any damage or debris. Is combustion normal? Your furnace flame should be blue and stable, not be yellow or flickering! Burner side panels also need to be tightly closed.

Air Ducts

Be sure to stay on top of routine vacuuming and dusting around the home. If you have exposed ducts, have a look at their physical state, checking for dents, loose seams, or escaping air. Are you planning renovations? Seal your vents! Your filters also need to be firmly in place at all times, except of course for when you’re changing them. This should be done often, at an interval best recommended based on your system, filter type, and other factors including pets and the size of your home. Asking a professional for this and other specifics is a great way to go!

If you want to make sure your home climate is the best it can be, trusting in a professional for repairs and maintenance can make a world of difference! To see what Climate Change YYC can do for your HVAC system, get in touch with us at (403) 819-2156 today!

What Are the Advantages to Having an AC System?

You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of having an air conditioning system installed in your home go beyond just keeping the interior cool on a hot day. With a professional installation and the right team there to help you maintain it, here are a few of the things you stand to gain from AC.

Control Over Your Climate

A great air conditioning system affords you the ability to calibrate your interior climate according to your needs. If you live in a particularly humid area, you can benefit significantly from the dehumidifying process that takes place when conditioned air is circulated throughout your home. And don’t forget, AC systems are also engineered to perform efficient and thorough ventilation. This keeps the air in your home as fresh and controlled as possible. The combination of this with comfy temperature and humidity is a recipe for true comfort. Being able to maintain solid climate control will also keep many physical and structural aspects of your home in good condition, including hardwood floors.

Quality of Air and Environment

Having the windows open during summer allows the flow of pollen, dust, and other contaminants from the outside to compromise air quality. It can also give free passage to insects. No one enjoys a fruit fly infestation in their kitchen! Being able to fully seal your interior from the outside while maintaining comfortable temperature and humidity is an advantage to AC that can go a long way. Your space should be as comfortable as you want it to be, and the reliable functionality of an AC system will help you keep it that way.

A Peaceful Interior

Having to rely on open windows for airflow can also take a toll on your state of mind. Noise pollution from the outside, whether it’s urban noise or natural noise, tends to have an overall negative effect on how you experience your day. A calm, cool, and quiet interior can serve to curb stress levels and improve your sense of productivity. When considering the health benefits of an air conditioning system, it’s important recognize its benefits in terms of both the air you breathe and your sense of comfort!

A well-engineered, professionally-installed air conditioning system will allow you to experience all these benefits and more. Get in touch with Climate Change YYC by calling (403) 819-2156 today, and ask about our spring air conditioning special!

How Do Central Air Conditioners Work?

You probably know how important a central A/C system can be for keeping your home cool and your air quality high. However, fewer people know how exactly the system makes all this happen. Let’s run through the inner workings of a typical setup.

The Basics

They’re called central air conditioners for the exact reason you might think: air conditioning of the entire house that is sourced from a centralized A/C unit and circulated throughout the home. Air conditioning is a cyclical process that depends on seamless collaboration between the evaporator, condenser, and compressor, as well as many other parts. In split systems, the condenser and compressor are located just outside your home, with the evaporator being part of the air handler inside. Package units, on the other hand, house these components together in one casing.


While the engineering behind air conditioning might seem complex, it’s all possible thanks to a simple set of principles in chemistry. For liquids turn into gases, they need to absorb energy — heat. When the reverse happens, energy (heat) is given off. In air conditioners, the liquid that is manipulated to facilitate this process is refrigerant fluid. In each cycle, the refrigerant fluid cools incoming warm air by absorbing heat and converting into a hot, low-pressure gas. The cooled air then leaves the air handler by means of a blower so that it can be circulated throughout your home. This process of evaporation occurs in — you guessed it — the evaporator, which contains the copper and aluminum evaporator coil responsible for the cooling.

Compression and Condensation

Now that the refrigerant fluid has become a gas, lost pressure, and gained all that heat, the system needs to get rid of the heat and return the refrigerant to its liquid state. First, it moves into the compressor, where high amounts of pressure and heat are administered. The hotter, pressurized gas then moves through another coil, this time responsible for condensing the gas so that it loses its heat and becomes a cool liquid again. The heat is sent into the outside air via a fan as the pressurized liquid returns to its original state. From here, the process starts all over again to keep your interior climate cool and comfortable!

Do you know what type of air conditioning system is right for you? Climate Change YYC specializes in helping your optimize the climate of your home with quality AC and more. Give us a call at (403) 819-2156 today!

Preparing Your Home for an Air Conditioner Installation

So, you’ve decided on a professional air conditioner installation? That’s great! Preparation is everything, and AC installation is no exception. If you’ve set the stage properly, things will be much easier for the technician, and your home will be ready for a cooler interior in no time.

Making Space

For a typical split air conditioning system installed at your home, there needs to be a place outside your house for the compressor and condenser to go. This is often beside the building on the other side of the wall from the rest of the system. It’s quite common for large stored items, a small shed, or trees and plant material to be present here. The best way to help give your installer the proper conditions for a smooth installation is to keep this area clean. As soon as you know where the unit is going to go, take some time to clear as much space as possible.

Maintaining Your Ducts

The last thing you want to do to your brand new central air conditioning system is compromise it with dust and dirt from the ducts in your home. This gunk is bad for both the AC unit itself and your health, as the air circulating throughout your interior will carry these unpleasant contaminants with it. Before an installation can take place, your ducts and duct covers should be as clean as possible. A professional cleaning will get you the best value for your system, giving your home pristine passageways for all that crisp, cool air.

Getting Informed

Do you know what type of air conditioner is best for your home? From the location of your building to your home’s specific windows, insulation, roof, and more, there are a wide range of factors that can go into making this decision. Finding the best system for you is often a matter of trusting in the right professionals. By consulting with an experienced and certified expert, you’ll be able to land on a solution that fits the unique requirements of your home and its occupants. Don’t hesitate to ask your technician what else will be necessary before installation. The more informed you are, the better and more worthwhile the installation will be!

Your air conditioner installation is a key step towards improvement in home comfort. If you’re looking for cleaner air and a cooler, more relaxing summer, give Climate Change a call at (403) 819-2156 to get started!

Getting an Air Conditioning Quote: What to Expect

One of the first steps in your journey to a more comfortable home climate is the quote you receive from your installer. It’s important for you to get as detailed a breakdown of the proposed system as possible, and it’s just as important to know how this process will work!

Your Home

Everything begins with a friendly and productive conversation. Your A/C installer will typically have a discussion with you about what the climate of your home is currently like and what issues you’re hoping to address. Does one room in your house receive a large amount of sunlight and become particularly hot during the day? Do you find the the surrounding air quality conditions outside your home are affecting your health or comfort? The size of your home, how well insulated it is, your electrical system, pre-existing ductwork, and a number other conditions will be addressed during both this discussion and an inspection.

The System

Equipped with all the information they gathered when inspecting the site and speaking with you, a professional HVAC installer will usually deliberate what brand, model, and size system will suit your needs and how it should be installed. This varies widely depending on whether or not you already have an older system in place, what your personal requirements and budgetary circumstances might be, and more. The proposed system will optimally be the most durable and energy/cost efficient solution available. Your installer will provide you with a detailed breakdown of exactly what the system requires in terms of parts, labour, and other factors.

Questions to Ask

The estimation process can be even smoother when you know what to ask your installer while discussing the quote with them. It’s important to know that their company and its staff are licensed, bonded, insured, and have the experience necessary to exceed your expectations. What can they guarantee you in terms of warranty protection, liability, and the longevity of your system? What kinds of diagnostic and maintenance services can they provide as the need arises? What is the energy efficiency rating of the proposed system? Your best bet is to go with a company that can provide all these answers and more during the estimation process, ensuring that you get the most reliable service possible!

Are you ready to take your home interior to a new level of comfort? It’s as easy as reaching out to the team here at Climate Change YYC. Give us a call at (403) 819-2156 to get started!

How to Get the Most out of Your Central A/C

The benefits of an efficient air conditioning system are many. However, you’re only really going to get the most out of these benefits if your system gives you its best performance. Here are a few ways you can ensure this.


The more effectively sealed your home is, the better it will resist outside heat or lose cool air. Keep all windows closed and be sure to use your curtains, especially in rooms that receive a high level of direct sunlight. Having company over for a barbecue? There may be lots of traffic in and out of the back door, so be sure it’s not left open! How is the insulation in your home with regards to your attic, exterior walls, and the quality of your windowpanes? If your windowpanes are old and leaking air, repair might be necessary. Maintaining the integrity of these elements will mean a more energy-efficient air conditioning system.

Home Habits

Just as you probably avoid leaving lights on in empty rooms, you should get into the habit of using your thermostat to set or even turn off your system according to the weather or if you’re spending some time out of the house. If you don’t turn off lights in empty rooms, you should do that too! Lots of household lights consume energy and create heat where it isn’t wanted, so you might want to consider switching to cooler, more energy efficient alternatives such as LED bulbs. Don’t forget to seal the vents in your basement if you have one, they tend to hog cool air as heat ascends to the upper portion of your home.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Stay on top of changing your filters and checking in on the condition of your coils. If you have a split system, the area around the compressor and condenser outside needs to be clear of all plant debris and the fan should be running smoothly. The health of your ductwork is also critical, and you should always be on the lookout for leaks that need sealing. Last but certainly not least, whether it’s duct cleaning or diagnostics and repairs, you can count on a certified HVAC technician to help you optimize the longevity of your home climate system!

Climate Change YYC is here to uphold the highest standards in air conditioning installation and maintenance. For improved air quality, a cooler interior, and more, get in touch with us at (403) 819-2156 today!

Why Is Duct Cleaning So Important for Your Health?

Since they’re usually hidden away from plain sight, you probably don’t think about your ducts very often. Despite this, they’re one of the most important components of your HVAC system. For a number of reasons, their cleanliness can have a considerable effect on your health!

Common Respiratory Issues

A big part of avoiding problems like the common cold is paying attention to the quality of the air you breathe. Sinus congestion is not a pleasant experience, and the more congested your nasal passages are, the more likely the accumulation of outside material can lead to problems like infections. Dust and other debris from your ducts are significant contributors to these issues. If you want to avoid having to call in sick, keeping your ducts clean is a step in the right direction. Anyone living with asthma knows that air quality is especially critical for health and safety, but it’s important even if you don’t experience a particular condition.


Do you or any members of your family experience respiratory allergies? If symptoms start to become more apparent during spring even if your home is effectively sealed off and insulated, it could be due in part to accumulation of mold or pollen within the ducts of your HVAC system. These can really wreak havoc on anyone who is particularly sensitive and will have an unfortunate effect on day-to-day productivity. While it is, of course, not possible to entirely eliminate all allergens from the average household, allowing the state of your ductwork to get out of hand is one of the most preventable causes of increased allergen presence in your home.

<5>Peace of Mind

Air conditioning isn’t just about keeping the temperature of your interior comfortable, it’s about optimizing air quality and isolating your home from unhealthy airborne material. This can manifest in many forms, from pollen to vehicle exhaust and more. Duct cleaning not only enhances the performance and cost-efficiency of your HVAC system, it gives you peace of mind in knowing that the air your family breathes is safe and well-conditioned. If there’s any place you should be able to breathe freely without concern for dust, mold, or pet hair, it’s your own home!

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? Climate Change YYC is Calgary’s most dedicated HVAC team. Give us a call at (403) 819-2156 to find out how we can help keep your ducts and your air as pristine as ever!

Using Benefect to Keep Ducts Clean

Thermostat Replacement services Calgary

We like to tell our clients about how important duct cleaning is for a healthy indoor climate, but there’s a lot that goes into making it happen. What types of cleaning materials are used, and are they safe? For this blog, we’d like to focus on one product in particular: Benefect.

What Is It Used For?

Benefect is an antimicrobial cleaning product used for a variety of purposes. Its main job is to disinfect surfaces that have been affected by mold, water damage, or circumstances prone to the presence of harmful bacteria, such as hospital work. It can also be used for, you guessed it, cleaning and disinfecting the air ducts of your HVAC system! A thorough duct cleaning doesn’t only entail removing dust and visible mold from the interior surfaces, it also requires a thorough and safe disinfecting process. Benefect spray is one tool that is great for helping HVAC technicians keep ducts sanitary.

What Is It Made Of?

When we say “cleaning chemical”, you may think of bleach-based materials and other supplies that come with environmental or health-related side effects. Benefect is unique in that it’s comprised entirely of botanical ingredients. The ingredient that does most of the work in disinfecting surfaces is actually an essential oil extracted from thyme plants, which the herb itself uses as a defence mechanism against bacteria. Benefect has been developed from this substance to get rid of 99.99% of bacteria without any of the toxicity or other drawbacks that come from more aggressive synthetic cleaning chemicals.

Why’s It Important?

The safety that Benefect offers is particularly important in locations such as family residencies. It gives HVAC technicians the ability to disinfect the ducts of a home climate system with even greater peace of mind. If a duct system were to be cleaned using chemicals containing irritants or toxins, the particles of these substances could be circulated throughout much of your home over time. Thanks to its entirely organic chemical makeup, there’s no risk of poisoning, even if it is accidentally ingested or inhaled. Knowing that the quality of your air is improved by your HVAC system is one thing. Ensuring that the system is kept clean in total safety is even better!

Climate Change YYC is here to maintain quality, cleanliness, and safety for your home climate. Get in touch with us at (403) 819-2156 to find out how we can improve yours!