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Air conditioning, also called aircon, AC or A/C system, can be defined as a process or system with the main purpose to modify the properties of the air we breathe, such as temperature and humidity, to more comfortable conditions for the inhabitants of the home or office. However, from a general point of view, this term may talk about any form of system that transforms the conditions of the air, including venting systems, heating or disinfection. An air conditioner can be defined either as a system, mechanism or appliance. Air conditioners have the ability to change the temperature of the air, being used for cooling and sometimes heating. The system used by air conditioners is called a refrigeration system, although sometimes they may use an evaporation system.

Installing a complete air conditioning system, often referred to as an HVAC system, is a quite difficult job, which involves knowledge of plumbing and electrical work. Many people leave the job to specialized service providers, which is recommended in most cases.

As all home appliances, air conditioning systems can break down every once in a while, especially if they are not properly maintained. When the air conditioners works but the air isn’t properly cooled down the problem probably is in the distribution system. Other problems in HVAC systems may be caused by dirty, clogged or leaky ducts or small malfunctions in the evaporator or condenser unit. Since these units are sealed, it’s better to call a specialized technician to deal with those problems, as well as with maintenance and cleaning jobs. Also, a/c systems should be evaluated and adjusted before any cooling season, in order to prevent malfunctions and breakdowns and keep your air conditioning system working efficiently. For your safety, it is best that a trained eye inspects your a/c unit, because he can make a spot-on evaluation and provide useful solutions to your problems.

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