Changing Your Furnace Filter

Furnace sales are going to keep rising if people don’t learn how to look after their current one correctly. Even changing your air filter on a regular basis can produce results you’ll be happy with, which is why we’re going to look at them in a little more detail today.

Extend The Life Of Your Furnace

When you’ve just spent money on a brand new furnace you want it to last as long as possible, so you must do everything within your power to keep it running smoothly. Changing the filter on a regular basis is the easiest thing you can do to ensure your system doesn’t overheat. As soon as you have a problem with your motor the furnace will turn into a disaster waiting to happen.

No More Regular Repairs

As well as extending the life of your furnace you’ll also benefit from, not having to get it repaired all the time. Service and spare parts both cost money you don’t need to splash out on if you can do something as simple as changing a filter. Don’t underestimate the power of dirt because when your HVAC system is polluted it’s the equivalent of a human being sick.

Maintains Great Air Quality

You only get one life and you want to make sure it’s a healthy one. As soon as your air filter starts clogging up the air quality inside your home will suffer and you’ll be breathing in a lot of things you’d ideally want to avoid. It’s even worse for those with any family members who suffer from asthma or allergies and it could make their life a lot more miserable.

Drops Your Energy Costs

If someone jumped on your back when you were walking to the shop you’d need to expend a lot more energy to get there. The same thing applies to your furnace and if the air filter is clogged up your system will need use more energy to do the same amount of work. Even if you only knock around 10% off your yearly energy bill by changing your air filter regularly it will be worth it.

Don’t Neglect Your Air Filter

Be sure to take care of the air filter inside of your furnace, as it removes harmful particles from the air. The air filter should be changed every 4-5 months to ensure that the furnace is operating at its peak efficiency.

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