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Furnace Problems to Look Out For During Winter

									Furnace Problems to Look Out For During Winter

With a well-maintained furnace in great shape, you’ll be able to stay warm and cozy throughout all of winter. However, some HVAC problems are more prominent during this season, and the more you keep an eye out for them, the more quickly you can get things back to normal!

Ventilation and Distribution

Have you ever walked from one room of your home to another and noticed that, despite having the thermostat set to your desired temperature, it’s colder in this room than in the others? Uneven distribution of warm air can be a frustrating issue but its causes are usually straightforward. Make sure that the corresponding vent is open and check window seams and other opening for possible sources of drafts. A dirty air filter or accumulated material in your ductwork are also common culprits when it comes to inadequately or unevenly heated rooms.

Mechanical Problems

If you experience a sudden loss of heat throughout all of your home, this could mean a problem with the pilot light or another mechanical failure. An issue in the electronics of your thermostat system can also lead to unruly furnace behaviour and loss of desired functionality. If anything is out of the ordinary, it’s important to take a quick look at the filter, blower, pilot light, and other components to make sure everything is in good working order. Almost any breakdown or malfunction you observe should be diagnosed and repaired by a certified HVAC technician. Don’t hesitate to contact one so that you can put your mind at ease!

More Serious Issues

There are some problems that need to be addressed with an extra level of urgency. For instance, a cracked heat exchanger or poor ventilation of the unit can lead to a carbon monoxide leak. Meanwhile, if your pipes are not properly insulated or you leave your furnace off while away for an extended period of time, some of them could freeze. Water expands when it solidifies, so a crack or break is not unlikely, landing you with some costly water damage. When in doubt, call a technician to have your furnace troubles taken care of so that you can enjoy a comfortable winter!

Notice anything unusual or suspect about your home climate? It’s always wise to get your HVAC system looked at as soon as possible so that the issue can be addressed immediately. Call Climate Change YYC at (403) 819-2156 to schedule an inspection!

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