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How Often Do You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter?

									How Often Do You Need to Change Your Furnace Filter?

Among the many forms of routine preventative maintenance that are necessary to keep your furnace in good shape, changing its filter regularly is by far one of the most important.We emphasize this often,but how often should a filter replacement actually happen?

Factors to Consider

Unfortunately, you can’t quite establish a recommendation that covers all filters, furnaces, and homes, as filter changes depend on a number of things. If you have pets, this can create the need for filter changes more often depending on how many and how heavily they shed. You certainly won’t be leaving doors and windows open during winter, but doing this during the warmer months often demands more regular filter attention as well. Your filter is also strongly affected by the overall cleanliness of your home, whether or not smoking takes place often inside, and of course the state of your ducts.

Types of Filters

The type of filter you have also plays a key role. The material it is made from, its quality, and its thickness are things to bear in mind. The filters that you’ll need to change more often, which are also the least cost effective, would be cheap disposable fibreglass filters. These will typically need to be changed monthly or even more frequently depending on your home. Many well-made washable filters, on the other hand, can last for years if you thoroughly clean them often enough. Thickness and other specifications will vary depending on your system. The bottom line: you should invest in high quality and follow the recommended interval indicated by the manufacturer.

Is Your Filter the Problem?

Because of the importance of the filter, some homeowners and tenants might be quick to assume that any problem is due to filter trouble. However, it’s wise to remember that many other aspects of your furnace or overall system can contribute to problem with efficiency or general working order. The best recourse is always to educate yourself on what problems to watch out for so that you can not only keep that filter clean, but also call a local expert if a larger issue is at hand!

Learning more about your HVAC system, it’s components, and how to take care of everything is important year round. This time of year, however, it’s more important than ever to keep that furnace in the best working order possible. Call us at (403) 819-2156 to find out how we can help!

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