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Improving the Efficiency of Your Heating During Winter

									Improving the Efficiency of Your Heating During Winter

What do you think of when we say “winter”? Hockey? Christmas? Harsh temperatures and bad traffic? Winter carries all kinds of connotations, but one that is particularly relevant to your HVAC system is gas usage and cost efficiency. We’ve got a few tips that could help you with both.


Your home heating system doesn’t do everything all by itself. In order to give you the most bang for your buck, it relies upon good insulation and other factors for effective distribution and retention of heat. The overall condition of your home contributes significantly to this. Be aware of and seal any air leaks or deteriorating seams on the interior and exterior of the house. This most often includes doors, windows, and chimney. Inspect the condition of your window frames, door thresholds, and weatherstripping. If one or more of your windows is letting too much cold air in, you can seal them with plastic shrink film and install heavier curtains.

Day-to-Day Habits

Never leave your fireplace damper open when not using the fireplace, for instance. Keep your thermostat set to the lowest comfortable temperature and even lower it a bit if you know that no one will be in the house for some time. If the sun is out, this is a great time to open up all of your curtains and allow that natural heat to make things easier for your furnace. It may sound counter-intuitive, but running your ceiling fans can also help. Setting them to run clockwise can help to ensure that heat flows downward and throughout your interior rather than hovering upwards and dissipating.

Your System

Of course, plenty can be done to directly improve the function of your furnace. Replacing your furnace filters is always the foremost thing to keep in mind. You can help facilitate good distribution by closing vents in rooms that are often unoccupied, such as guest bedrooms. Stay vigilant about professional maintenance and repairs, asking a local certified HVAC expert for advice that is more tailored to your particular house and system. A solid and well-maintained home with a furnace in great working order will keep you warm and comfortable all winter long!

Want more tips for keeping your home warm this winter without breaking the bank? The Climate Change team is available to offer you their experience on this and many more aspects of your HVAC system. Call (403) 819-2156 to get in touch!

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