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Our Team, Your Budget, and Financeit

									Our Team, Your Budget, and Financeit

Sometimes, today’s economy doesn’t make it easy to afford the climate system your home deserves. Your budgeting might be a bit tight with Christmas on the way, but fortunately there’s a way for us to help you finance the system you want!

What Is Financeit?

Financeit provides us and our clients with a friendly and streamlined solution for financing purchases through affordable payment plans. A partnership with Financeit allows our team to do what we do best while giving you the option to pay in manageable monthly installments. The concept may seem familiar, but Financeit applies it in a way that reflects today’s technologies and business philosophies. Both our team and the team at Financeit recognize the importance of transparency, honesty, convenience, and accessibility. It’s all in the interest of providing you with more flexibility for your budget while giving you the best HVAC services for your needs.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say we’ve matched you and your home with a new high-efficiency HVAC system. Because Financeit offers their tools to businesses like us in the form of desktop and mobile apps, you have instant access to the application materials and will be able to determine your eligibility for the plan right away. They even offer us the ability to produce a complete quote using their purchase calculator so that you can make an informed decision. This slick, paperless approach is really how things should work in our current age. It saves both you and our team the hassle of a lengthy and disorganized procedure.

A Winning Combination

These tools allow us to use our expertise to its fullest potential, providing excellent HVAC servicing and equipment to our community. It also helps us to empower you! No family should have to tolerate a substandard or inefficient HVAC system, especially in the cold of winter, when there are so many solutions available today. Financeit’s payment plans not only offer fixed terms and interest rates lower than most credit cards, but they also lack the hidden fees and backdated interest that can make a purchase truly challenging in the long term. Our dedicated team of HVAC experts and Financeit’s friendly and sophisticated payment options make a truly winning combination for you.

Want to learn more about how Climate Change YYC and Financeit can open up new options for you and your home? Give us a call at (403) 819-2156 today, and we’d be happy to help!

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