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Snowbirds, Don’t Forget to Change Your Furnace Filter!

									Snowbirds, Don’t Forget to Change Your Furnace Filter!

Whether it’s to visit relatives for Christmas or just to escape the weather, leaving on vacation this winter doesn’t mean your home can skip out on heating altogether. Since you’ll have to keep things warm (otherwise you risk burst pipes!), your furnace filter will be an important consideration before and after you leave!

Heating While Away

First off, let’s recap one of the points we explored in our recent blog on your furnace while you’re away. The last thing you want to do is cut off your home from heat completely just to save on gas or electrical costs. Frozen plumbing and other costly issues need to be avoided, so be sure to set your system to a lower temperature (16°C if you have house plants or pets, and no lower than 10°C if you don’t) rather than shut it down completely. Don’t forget that an operating furnace always needs a clean filter. Leaving town isn’t a reason to forget about this crucial part of your system. It’s just as important while you’re away as it is when you’re at home.

Why It’s Important

There are many reasons why furnace trouble can happen, but the single most preventable one is a dirty furnace filter. It might be tempting to think, “I won’t be away for long, so I’ll just take care of it when I get back.” But this can land you with some unpleasant surprises after your vacation, especially if it’s been awhile since you’ve changed the filter. Also keep in mind that even without a significant mechanical problem, inefficient operation will defeat the purpose of setting your furnace to a lower temperature in the first place. Without a clean, debris-free blower motor, you won’t be doing yourself much good!

If You’re Staying at Home

Are you skipping the winter vacation and enjoying the holidays here at home? This might simplify things a bit, but it certainly doesn’t exempt you from keeping up with your furnace filter! Winter is the time of year when it’s most critical to ensure smooth and energy-efficient furnace operation. Even if you’re able to keep the temperature of your interior at a comfortable level and nothing seems to be wrong, a filter that goes unchanged will mean that you’re putting extra strain on your equipment and lowering its cost-efficiency. Smart home maintenance is the key to a long-lasting, effective HVAC system!

Keeping a clean and efficient furnace means getting the most out of your investment and maximizing the comfort of your home climate. To find out how you can get more out of your system, call Climate Change YYC at (403) 819-2156 today!

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