Originally from Ontario, Wayne took a summer job in HVAC which quickly became the beginning of a long lasting career. While working as an installer, his passion for the business and its consumers brought him to manage multinational companies from Halifax to Victoria. Now a Calgarian, Wayne brings his passion for people and customer service by overseeing inbound and outbound sales. His duties include, but are not limited to, training new hires, coaching employees of Home Depot, a recent partnership created with Climate Change Heating and Cooling.

“HVAC is more than keeping families warm in winter and cool during the hot summer days; it’s about being a company people can rely on founded on the principle that every consumer should be cared for”.

As a true Canadian, Wayne has spent his life on the ice as a competitive Hockey player and then inevitably became a dedicated coach. He now enjoys his downtime playing Grandpa to his wonderful 7 grandchildren.

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