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Using Benefect to Keep Ducts Clean

									Using Benefect to Keep Ducts Clean

We like to tell our clients about how important duct cleaning is for a healthy indoor climate, but there’s a lot that goes into making it happen. What types of cleaning materials are used, and are they safe? For this blog, we’d like to focus on one product in particular: Benefect.

What Is It Used For?

Benefect is an antimicrobial cleaning product used for a variety of purposes. Its main job is to disinfect surfaces that have been affected by mold, water damage, or circumstances prone to the presence of harmful bacteria, such as hospital work. It can also be used for, you guessed it, cleaning and disinfecting the air ducts of your HVAC system! A thorough duct cleaning doesn’t only entail removing dust and visible mold from the interior surfaces, it also requires a thorough and safe disinfecting process. Benefect spray is one tool that is great for helping HVAC technicians keep ducts sanitary.

What Is It Made Of?

When we say “cleaning chemical”, you may think of bleach-based materials and other supplies that come with environmental or health-related side effects. Benefect is unique in that it’s comprised entirely of botanical ingredients. The ingredient that does most of the work in disinfecting surfaces is actually an essential oil extracted from thyme plants, which the herb itself uses as a defence mechanism against bacteria. Benefect has been developed from this substance to get rid of 99.99% of bacteria without any of the toxicity or other drawbacks that come from more aggressive synthetic cleaning chemicals.

Why’s It Important?

The safety that Benefect offers is particularly important in locations such as family residencies. It gives HVAC technicians the ability to disinfect the ducts of a home climate system with even greater peace of mind. If a duct system were to be cleaned using chemicals containing irritants or toxins, the particles of these substances could be circulated throughout much of your home over time. Thanks to its entirely organic chemical makeup, there’s no risk of poisoning, even if it is accidentally ingested or inhaled. Knowing that the quality of your air is improved by your HVAC system is one thing. Ensuring that the system is kept clean in total safety is even better!

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