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Winter Is on Its Way, Is Your Furnace Ready?

									Winter Is on Its Way, Is Your Furnace Ready?

While summer calls for preparedness when it comes to keeping your AC unit in good shape, getting your furnace ready should be a priority on your list of pre-winter tasks. Let’s run through a few things you should be sure to have covered.

Basic Maintenance

Rather than waiting for that Calgary winter to take hold, you should take care of things in advance to ensure that your system is good to go when those temperatures drop. One good place to start is with your filter. Buy a good number of fresh filters ahead of time and stay on top of regular filter changes. Your home will not be efficiently heated if this crucial part of your system has accumulated dust, and the same goes for your ducts and vents. You should also take a look at your blower belt. This needs to be tight and free of wear or deterioration. Do you have a gas furnace? It’s important to have it filled before winter hits!

Safety Considerations

Some households have their furnaces in spaces that double as storage areas. During summer, when your heating system isn’t being used, you may have let a few things pile up around the furnace. If so, it’s very necessary to clear this area as much as possible. It’s one of the simplest steps to prevent the combustion of flammable material, allow an open working area for your technician, and ensure adequate visibility of important components like pilot lights. All parts should be tightly fastened and secure, especially your blower door, which prevents leakage of carbon monoxide into your ventilation system.

Expert Service

Your home deserves the most effective performance possible from its furnace during winter. Professional furnace maintenance during the fall is one of the best ways to spot important issues before they lead to further complications. This way, the appropriate preventative repairs or cleaning can be performed without a hitch. Whether it’s a bit of corrosion, a simple mechanical problem, or a potentially life-threatening safety issue, an HVAC specialist with a keen eye will be able to identify common culprits that are either too sneaky or too unsafe for an untrained individual. Give your system the proper treatment, and it will keep you comfortable all winter long!

Need a professional inspection for your furnace? The team at Climate Change YYC is here to help you have a warm and pleasant winter. Call us at (403) 819-2156 to get started!

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